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About ANTS.NINJA company

Ant Cloud Mine is a service platform for Ant mining machine leasing. It has been deeply in the field of digital currency for many years. It has been adhering to the principle of compliance development and abiding by the policies and regulations of different countries.

Through the ant cloud mining platform, the investment user and the digital mining farm are directly connected, and the user saves the complicated process of purchasing, installing, hosting, and operating and maintaining the mining machine. One click orders can enjoy the computing power mining service, ant cloud mining With the most advanced mine maintenance team, it can provide users with safe and stable mining machine mining services.




Ant.Ninja, also known as Ants cloud mining is an online investment platform that users earn cash by either mining crypto currency, or referring friends.

One of the amazing feature of this platform is that you get a whooping amount of five thousand naira when you register/join.

How To Register On Ants.Ninja

To register on this platform, you need to head on to their site. You can do that by clicking HERE. Note that registration is free of charge so do not bother about paying any registration fee.

Then click on ‘register.’ You will be asked to fill in some boxes which include your username (it can be any name of your choice), you phone number(use an active phone number), and your password (use a long password). You will also be asked to fill in an invitation code. Use this invitation code – 1326285

After following all the above listed steps, you can now click submit. If your registration is successful, you will immediately get a whooping sum of five thousand naira (5000). Isn’t that cool?!

NOTE: I received 5000 NGN with ANTS.NINJA, and the withdrawal arrived in the account within seconds, I called you to collect it, 100% real and effective

How to make money on ANTS.NINJA

Having done that, we move on to the different steps on ‘How to make money on ANTS.NINJA’

The two known ways to earn on this platform is;

  1. Deposit and mine

  2. Refer/invite friends

How To Deposit and Mine

This method of earning from Ants.Ninja is so far the most profitable of all. It involves you depositing money on the Ants.Ninja platform and then choosing any package that you prefer. They are different packages that are either based on mining Euthereum or Bitcoin. It is left to you to choose.


ANTS.NINJA packages levels plans

All packages differ in prices. But note that the higher the package, the higher your return on investment(ROI).

However the plans is in a form of deposit method. You can deposit on ANTS.NINJA and upgrade your plans to earn more money.

After registration, you can simply head on to the ‘mining’ tab and check out the different types of packages and ROI.

How to invite or refers members on ANTS.NINJA referral program?
How to Refer/Invite

This is the second way to earn on the platform. It is also the easier and cheaper way too. You do not need to spend a dime to earn via referral. The process is pretty easy! Simply head on to the homepage of the Ants.Ninja platform. From there you can see the ‘My’ tab at the bottom right corner. Click on it and you will be redirected to a new page.

From there click on ‘Invite Friends.’ You will then be shown your invitation link. Share it to friends and tell them to register by clicking on your link.

Invitation rules

  1. Share to line, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media through exclusive links;
  2. Every time you invite a friend to register, you can get a bonus of 5000 NGN;
  3. Entering through the invitation link will automatically bind you to the lower-level friends, and you will always enjoy 15% of the lower-level friends’ income. And your friend’s 5% income of his friends who are within 10 levels below;
    The specific rules are as follows:
    1st level friend 15% of income
    Level 2 to level 10 friends earns 5% of income

How to get free Bitcoins without stress.

  1. There is no upper limit for inviting friends; a lot of income;
  2. For the fairness of the platform, if users are found to have violated regulations, they will be blocked;
  3. If you have any questions, choose the personal center—contact us, and the customer service will help you deal with it;
    If they successfully register with your invitation link, you will get a bonus of One thousand naira. That’s not all!

You will also get sixty percent (60%) of the person’s revenue. You more you invite, the more bonuses you will get!

How To Withdraw On Ants.Ninja

From the homepage of the site, click on the ‘My’ tab it will redirect you to another page. Then click on the ‘My wallet’ tab. Different options will then be given to you.

Choose the ‘Withdraw money to bank account.’ Once again you will be redirected to a new page.

Here you will be asked to select your bank name, input your bank number as well as your own real name. Then click on submit.

Time of withdrawal takes about twenty four hours so just be patient.

How Much Can I Make On Ants.Ninja?

I do not think there is a limit on how much you can make on this site. For instance, if you keep inviting new members, you will keep earning. Same with depositing and mining. It all depends on how willing you are ready to work.

Who is the owner or CEO of ANTS.NINJA investment?

Then comes the question of the CEO or pioneers of this money making platform.

Unfortunately, there is also no idea of who the platform belongs too. Once again, it would seem the site owners prefer to keep it a mystery. However, what is known about the site’s location is that; according to them(the site owners) Ants.Ninja has previously been established in Seattle, Georgia, Tehran, Iran, Sweden, Venezuela, Russia, Iceland, ‘and other regions around the world.’

If truly this platform has been in these many countries, then this site should be at least over a year old.

Is Ant.Ninja Legit or a Scam?

There is really no certainty on whether this scam is legit or a scam. This is because there has never been anyone who came out to claim he/she got paid by this site. There also has never been anyone who came out to say he/she got scammed by this site. You readers are however advised to proceed with caption of you are going to be getting involved with this platform.


  • Go to
  • Click “Register now to receive”
  • Enter your nickname and phone number
  • Create a password and confirm password
  • Input ANTS.NINJA invitation code


When was ANTS.NINJA launched?

When venturing into online platforms that involves getting to deposit your funds, it is smart to always ask when the platform was launched.

In the case of Ants.Ninja, after numerous research, there is literally no knowledge of the date, month, or year this platform was launched. Perhaps, the site prefers to keep it unknown.

Domain Registration

Domain Name
Domain Created on
Domain Age
2 weeks old
Domain Expiration Date





We don’t know whether the platform ants cloud or ANTS.NINJA is legitimate paying platform right now but the site claims to have been paying we couldn’t find any payments proof.
So if any readers have payment proofs drop it at the comment section in other to confirm the legitimacy of ANTS.NINJA.


We can not yet label ANTS.NINJA investment ( as a scam platform right now because there is not enough proof of Scam alert yet. If any readers discovered or was Scam by this platform don’t forget to drop your Comment in the comments section




With no much talk. I will give this business 46.6% safe. After looking at the structures, mode of operations and the running way, I will not advice my people to register this. Everything is risk, but one should try to take minimal risk. You are free to register If you know the owner or someone close to the owner of this platform. If not, Please and please, DO NOT JOIN!!!. Holyprofweb (us) will recommend legit investment website like Linforly investment website to be tested or invested upon.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.


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