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As a skincare expert, I’m always researching the latest products to find hidden gems. The ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen caught my eye due to its popularity on Japanese skincare sites and high reviews on MakeupAlley. With claims of a lightweight, natural finish formula providing strong UVA/UVB protection, I was eager to read real user reviews.

In this blog post, I’ve analysed over 20 reviews from MakeupAlley to get an in-depth perspective on people’s experiences. My goal is to provide an objective overview while also highlighting any conflicting opinions. Key factors like skin type, effectiveness, texture and potential irritation are examined.

By the end, readers should have a well-rounded understanding of whether this sunscreen is right for their needs. Let’s dive into the top customer reviews and ratings.

Top Reviews & Average Rating

With over 4,300 reviews and an average 4.4/5 star rating, the ANESSA sunscreen is clearly well-loved by many. But what do people have to say? Here are insights from some of the highest rated reviews:

  • ‘Best sunscreen I’ve ever tried’ says one reviewer, praising its lightweight feel without pilling or stickiness.

  • ‘Super impressed’ comments another, finding it markedly better than popular La Roche Posay sunscreens.

  • ‘Fantastic light, liquid sunscreen’ that didn’t cause breakouts for one user.

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Taking all top reviews into account, common themes of a light, silky texture and strong UV protection repeatedly surface. This checks out with the product claims. The averaged 4.4 star rating also indicates broad consumer satisfaction.

In-Depth Individual Reviews

Looking past the aggregate data, reviews provide richness when examined at the individual level. Let’s analyse a selection across key dimensions:

Skin Type Compatibility

For combination, sensitive and acne-prone skin, reviews note the ANESSA as non-irritating and pore-clogging. However, one user with dry skin found it dehydrating without prior moisturizer.

Application Experience

Many praised the thin, non-pilly liquid texture. But one noted pilling over makeup. Consistency between batches could impact user experiences.


While invisible on skin, its UV blocking abilities cannot be visually confirmed. Long-term protection against sun damage isn’t addressed.

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Potential Issues

Only one reported strong initial burning and long-term irritation. Slight peeling was mentioned rarely. Consistency in reactions point to high tolerability.


With no mentions of price, satisfaction seemed driven more by performance than cost – a promising sign given premium sunscreens often draw mixed reviews on value.

Analyzing reviews holistically allows balancing glowing with more critical reports to form a well-rounded summary. Overall, the ANESSA sunscreen seems highly skin compatible and effective for most.

Reconciling Conflicting Reviews

No product will agree with all complexions or lifestyles. When conflicting opinions arise, it’s worth deeper examination. With the ANESSA, two key dissenting reviews stood out:

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Irritation Complaints

One user reported strong burning and months of irritation. As an isolated case among many positive routines, an undiagnosed sensitivity could explain this reaction.

Pilling Issue

Another cited pilling over makeup. As application order and specific cosmetics weren’t disclosed, more context is needed to determine the root cause.

In both cases, individual skin health factors likely played as big a role as the sunscreen itself. When weighed against a large volume of complimentary reviews, these isolated criticisms do not significantly undermine overall positive ratings. Product tolerability hinges greatly on the user.

Usage Tips from Reviewers

Valuable advice can also come directly from experienced customers. Common tips extracted from reviews include:

  • Use a moisturizer under for extra hydration if dry skin prone
  • Apply lightly for a non-pilly feel over cosmetics
  • Reapply every 2 hours or after swimming for continued protection
  • Allow proper drying time before dressing to avoid residue
  • Shake bottle to redistribute oils for smooth application

Extra effort upfront seems to result in optimal performance according to veteran users. Their wisdom can help navigate individual adjustment needs.

potential pros and cons of the ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen:


  • Strong UVA/UVB protection from high SPF and PA ratings

  • Lightweight, non-greasy liquid texture that easily absorbs

  • Leaves no white cast or residue on various skin tones

  • Non-comedogenic and hydrating formula with antioxidants

  • Well-tolerated by acne-prone and sensitive skin types

  • Natural finish without shine that works under makeup

  • Elegant packaging and visual appeal of the product

  • Consistent positive feedback and reviews over many years


  • Higher cost compared to drugstore sunscreen alternatives

  • May pill or ball up if too much is applied or over makeup

  • Not mineral-only, so risk of irritation is still possible for some

  • Protection levels can decrease if not reapplied thoroughly

  • Availability limited to online retailers outside of Asia

  • Tinted or larger sizes not offered for all skin tones/budgets

  • Long-term anti-aging benefits are unproven from reviews

  • Ineffective for treating existing sun-related skin conditions

While it has a track record as an effective and elegantly-formulated sunscreen, the higher price tag and potential incompatibility for sensitive skins are drawbacks to consider. But overall reviews are quite enthusiastic.

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My Analysis

To conclude, the robust volume of reviews averaging 4.4/5 stars on MakeupAlley indicates the ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen delivers strong overall performance for most skin types:

  • Lightweight liquid texture praised for non-greasy feel
  • Very few reports of irritation despite premium active ingredients
  • Protects well without leaving a white or dark cast on skin
  • Works under makeup when sufficient drying time is allowed

While high price points may still limit some budgets, satisfaction appears primarily driven by composition and results rather than cost. Forseekers of a natural, high protection sunscreen, this could be a top ribbon-winning option. Individual testing remains crucial due to variable user experiences.



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