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What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP which is also known as Amazon kindle direct is a self publishing platform used by authors and publishers, to independently publish their books. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has also added a paperback option, which uses print on demand technology to allow both digital and print capabilities to self-published authors through its platform.      Amazon’s main pitch to authors has been the platform’s capability of publishing both e-books and paperbacks through the same platform, without charging any upfront fees and reaching the large audience who frequent Amazon.
Amazon is doubtless the largest name in books, for each print versions and eBooks. Amazon developed the Kindle e reader, that could be a good way to browse books on the go. The free Kindle app is additionally on the market for numerous alternative platforms, creating it attainable to browse Kindle eBooks on nearly any personal electronic contrivance you have got.

Amazon’s Kindle Direct business enterprise (KDP) self-publishing platform is currently the highest alternative for authors to self-publish their eBooks. Here is everything you wish to understand regarding Amazon KDP self business enterprise.

Royalties and Payment with KDP

Unlike ancient publishers United Nations agency pay between 5- V-day royalty to authors, KDP offers up to seventieth royalty for your eBook. There square measure many basic criteria so as to be eligible for the seventieth royalty option- your eBook needs to be priced between $2.99 and $9.99, and needs to be of a definite minimum length. In India, the thirty fifth royalty choice is customary. so as to qualify for seventieth royalty, Indian authors got to check in for the exclusive KDP choose program (explained in next section).

When was it launched?

KDP was officially launched on Nov 2007.


Benefits of publishing on Amazon?

There ar varied edges to self-publishing your book on KDP. The Amazon KDP business enterprise platform has helped revolutionize the business enterprise business, giving authors the chance to form it easier to publish a book and make a property book business.
Here ar the advantages to KDP Publishing:

Wide distribution. Amazon’s platform is large, which implies authors will faucet into international markets across the u. s., Europe, and Japan.
Higher royalties. With Amazon, authors will earn higher royalty rates than they generally would through ancient business enterprise homes. looking on the sort of book you sell on Amazon, royalty rates will be as high as hr.
Author rights. albeit you publish your book to KDP, you keep the rights to your book through Amazon’s non-exclusive agreement.
Quick business enterprise time. Typically, with ancient business enterprise, books will take a really very long time to urge to plug. With Amazon’s platform, the KDP business enterprise method is extremely fast.
No inventory. Long gone ar the times once authors had to buy written copies of books direct so as to sell them. With print-on-demand technology, books ar written as they’re purchased.

How much does it cost to publish on Amazon?

It is free to publish a book on the Amazon KDP site. It does not cost authors anything directly. However, if you are selling paperback books on Amazon, the cost to print the book will be deducted by Amazon from your book royalties. This means that when you sell a paperback book, you will essentially pay for the price to print the book.

Aside from being free to publish on KDP, self published authors typically spend money on author services to prepare their book for publishing. This includes services such as book cover design, editing, formatting and marketing fees.

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It depends on that format you decide on. once victimization ACX, Amazon’s suggested audiobook production web site, you may not be able to sell or produce different versions of the book elsewhere. The company’s web site specifies, “You won’t turn out, or authorize the assembly of, Associate in Nursing recording of the Book within the Language for distribution within the Territory apart from through ACX till you take away the Book from ACX in order that the Book now not incorporates a Title Profile on ACX and isn’t any longer listed as obtainable for production on ACX.”
“Further,” state ACX’s tips, “if you enter into Associate in Nursing ACX Audiobook Production Agreement with a Producer [the company permits authors to combine with Producers, UN agency can place along the particular audio file of the book], you may not turn out, or authorize the assembly of, Associate in Nursing recording of the Book within the Language for distribution within the Territory apart from through ACX till the date that’s seven years from the date the finished Audiobook is delivered to sonic in accordance with the terms set forth within the ACX Audiobook Production Agreement, unless no Audiobook is created inside four months once the date the Audiobook should be completed, as set forth within the ACX Audiobook Production Agreement, for reasons apart from your failure to abide by your obligations underneath the agreement.”
More simply:
If you produce the audio file yourself, you need to initial have removed the book from ACX before publication elsewhere.
If you partnered with a Producer UN agency created the audio file, you need to wait a minimum of seven years from the date the finished audiobook is delivered to sonic.
However, if you’re victimization KDP to form a Kindle or paperback version, you may retain publication rights. For eBooks, Amazon says authors will “keep management of your rights and set your own list costs. build changes to your books at any time.” For paperbacks, you’ll be able to “Maintain inventive management and own your copyright with our non-exclusive agreement.”
If you’re considering enrolling in KDP choose, your enrollment isn’t indefinite, that means you’ll be able to check it out for ninety days. KDP choose enrollment lasts for ninety days, that permits authors the choice to auto renew enrollment in KDP choose for an additional ninety days, or opt out.

What is Kdp select?

KDP Select is a program for authors to give Amazon exclusive rights to sell an eBook on the Kindle platform only. This means that the author’s eBook will only be available for purchase on Amazon’s Kindle platform, and the author is not able to use another self publishing platform to distribute their eBook.

In exchange for exclusive rights to sell the author’s eBook, Amazon provides incentives to the author, such as promotional tools, like Kindle Unlimited, and possibly higher royalty rates.

If you are considering enrolling in KDP Select, your enrollment is not indefinite, which means you can test it out for 90 days. KDP Select enrollment lasts for just 90 days, which allows authors the option to auto-renew enrollment in KDP Select for another 90 days, or opt out.


This has been one of the most question moving about the net today and the real fact about this is that Amazon KDP can not be tagged fully legit as at now. They have a very bad reviews on platform like trustpilot which people complain bitterly of getting scammed. Moreover, people still introduce the platform say and night just because of the referral bonus in it. This was the complain of 2 of the clients.

first is by NIAMS

Dear KDP, I first like to tell you how absolutely traumatizing dealing with you has been. I had previously admired Amazon and shopped with them over many years, as my account will show. But this arm of its business is absolutely abysmal . In june I tried to publish my first book, I was excited and very proud. It had taken me nine months to bring it all together. I paid for it to be proof read. I paid for it to be made print ready and I paid for a company to make a beautiful book cover .Then kdp came on to the scene . First a spiteful former friend accused me of plagiarism. It was not true but without even asking me you pulled my book . Since then you have consistently refused to publish, despite the fact that the infringement was detracted and I was proved innocent of any wrongdoing . You persistently ask me to provide proof of the book being mine .What proof do you usually ask your clients for ??. My book has never been published before, therefor I cannot provide you of notification from a previous publisher . I cannot provide you with a letter from the author, because I am the author and now you have the audacity to close my account while still selling my book. I realise that I cannot take Amazon to court but What I can do is send this message and the many others on trust pilot to every English newspaper and ask them to investigate this customer service from kdp and that is exactly what I intend to do !!

while the other is by Samuel matos

I had my KDP account terminated on the grounds that I did not meet the content guidelines. There was no prior clarification of which guideline I was failing to comply with and no request to send any document to clarify the facts. They simply closed the account with more than USD 3.000 in royalties to receive, and from what I understood from the little information they gave me, I am no longer entitled to receive these royalties.

If this comes to fruition, Kindle/KDP is terminating accounts and steal the authors’ royalties, which is a crime.

They just close the account and don’t give any information about the reason, they just close and that’s it.

They also don’t look at the documents that are attached to the messages, because I sent an email with all the documents I had about the case in question attached, and I explained the situation. The email was replied asking me to send some document to prove what I was claiming. See the consideration they have with the authors.

When the author tries to contact support to try to find out which guideline is being broken, the support people say something like this:

Support: Your account has been terminated because you violated our content guidelines. You will not be able to open other accounts.. you will not be able to publish any more books..

The author: But can you tell me which guideline I broke?

Support: You broke the content guidelines, period. And we will not give any further information about what happened.

That’s how they treat their collaborators, people are punished without even knowing what they did. And the worst without prior notice so that the alleged irregularities are corrected before having to resort to an extreme attitude of closing accounts full of money to receive.

The most curious thing about it all is that I started investing in paid ads within the internal Amazon platform two months ago, and the royalties that were “confiscated” (steal) were from the months in which I had the most profit with book sales. they confiscate your royalties just when you have the most money to receive. See how interesting.

That’s my only source of income, and the 67 books I’ve published through KDP/Kindle are my life’s work. But they treat it like it’s garbage and people are too.

The least that should be done by a serious company would be to pay the outstanding royalties that were received before the account was closed, and not steal the author.

We decided to publish for KDP because we had confidence in its reliability and honesty. Did we do it right? Or have we been deceived?

I expect an answer from the company that solves something, not the answer given to dozens of other complaints like this one that are on this site, where a lot of apologies are said and a support link is given. The same support that already said that it would not give more information about what happened.

Be honest and serious with your independent authors, this is the bare minimum and the basic of the basics expected from a company of this size.

We have other negative complains from other people also like mark carwright

Dealing with KDP “Support” has been singularly the worst experience of my life. I had been publishing with them for nearly 12 months with no issues, mainly journals and diaries with a small amount of success. Out of the blue my account got suspended for copyright infringement, when I asked what the problem was I got the standard read the copyright rules blah blah blah! I appealed successfully on the basis that I review all my titles within 10 days and remove any copyright etc. 5 days into this I received account termination notice as I had multiple accounts. I knew this was a mistake (because I don’t have multiple accounts) so questioned their decision, only to be told my account termination stood as my other account had multiple copyright infringements. I started to smell a rat so once again I had the temerity to question KDP only to be given a very rude email response confirming account termination and that there was no further discussion and that they regarded the matter closed. All future royalties would be withheld as a consequence. This amounts to daylight robbery made worse when 3 days later after terminating my account KDP take money from my bank account for that months ads – one rule for KDP one rule for everyone else. I have requested my account information that they hold under the UK’s Freedom Of Information legislation, so far this request has been ignored. I did manage to get another response to an appeal confirming account termination but the reason given this time was for a “failure of content” guidelines. Funny how the reason for account termination has changed three times and each time I ask for evidence to support it I get ghosted. I firmly believe that KDP wants to remove the less profitable businesses from its books, further evidence is that I was sent a survey request. KDP advised that it should only take 10-15 mins to complete. I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to give KDP some useful feedback regarding their customer service so grabbed a coffee and started the survey – the second question asked about annual turnover of my books on KDP, the lowest value was less than $50k which I fall into. Once I selected this the survey was ended barely 30 secs into starting it – I wonder how many more questions I would have faced should my answer have been much higher?? Clearly KDP are embarking on a project that will undermine not just indie authors but also their customers who go to KDP in order to get something unique as opposed to the standard bulk printed material – sadly profit over service is all that big corporation care about and the lack of an ethical and professional approach to customer service within KDP should be called out for what it is. The continued lack of honesty and transparency from this organisation is nothing short of dictatorial bullying. Having set up customer service desks for several large companies over the years I do know how difficult it can be to get the balance right, nobody wants to have to deal with conflict, but there are ways and means in which this can be done but clearly KDP hasn’t got a clue how to start let alone be good at it!

So, that has been the main reason why this platform is not palatable for joining.

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