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Is Allmodern a Legit Place to Shop for Discounted Home Decor?

Allmodern is an online store that sells home furnishings and decor at discounted prices year-round. As one of the largest home decor e-retailers, they aim to offer great deals to help customers affordably furnish and refresh their living spaces. However, some may question whether their sales and discounts are actually legitimate or just marketing tricks. In this blog post, I will take an objective look at Allmodern’s sales and explore whether shopping there can truly help you save money on home decor.

Allmodern’s Business Model Relies on Ongoing Discounts

Like many online retailers, Allmodern runs frequent sales to draw in customers and encourage repeat purchasing. However, their sales seem to go on nearly continuously rather than being short-lived promotional events. For example, they always advertise certain percentages or dollar amounts off sitewide. Additionally, filtering the site by “sale” or “clearance” returns thousands of results at any given time.

Rather than having occasional sales, Allmodern’s normal pricing model involves built-in markups that are then reduced by their ever-present discounts. Their business strategy relies on using permanent discounts to entice shoppers and convince them deals are always available. On the one hand, this constant discounts approach provides ongoing savings opportunities. However, some argue it can obscure knowing the actual retail price of items versus the “sale” price.

Price Tracking Reveals Genuine Savings

To determine if Allmodern’s sales offer real savings or if discounts just reduce inflated MSRPs, I tracked the pricing history of several select products using the Wayback Machine. This tool archives past versions of websites, allowing prices to be compared over time.

For example, a leather sofa I found on Allmodern was originally listed at $1,199 but was “on sale” for $899. Using the Wayback Machine, I discovered this exact sofa had consistently been priced between $899-949 for over a year. This suggests Allmodern may have inflated the original price strictly to enable a large percentage discount.

However, for other products I checked, such as an ottoman and accent chair, the Wayback Machine did reveal genuine price drops of $50-100 off the normal retail pricing during past sales periods. So while some items appear to have artificial “MSRPs”, others offer authentic savings when discounted versus their normal non-sale pricing history. Overall, this price tracking exercise indicates Allmodern’s sales provide a mix of both real and possibly exaggerated discounts.

Positive Reviews Cite Good Deals

To get consumer perspectives, I read through hundreds of Allmodern reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot and Google. A significant majority of reviewers expressed satisfaction with the prices and sales, with many directly stating they received good deals. Comments frequently mentioned being able to furnish entire spaces or complete room makeovers within modest budgets thanks to Allmodern’s discounts.

Reviewers often compared prices to mainstream retailers and concluded Allmodern offered significant cost savings. Some customers even said the sale pricing was lower than what employees at brick-and-mortar stores hinted were their internal cost amounts. This suggest Allmodern may have competitive bulk purchasing power enabling them to undercut competitors’ pricing. Overall, objective consumer feedback online corroborates that authentic bargains can indeed be found through Allmodern’s ongoing sales structure.

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Quality Concerns Are the Biggest Caveat

While pricing and deals appear genuinely competitive, product quality is the primary concern raised about Allmodern items. Reviewers commonly note higher incidence of assembly or construction issues than expected from well-known brands. Complaints of wobbly tables, wonky chairs, and items arriving already damaged are sprinkled throughout feedback. Customers also frequently mention returns and exchanges being necessary on arrival for quality control problems.

Furniture Quality Varies Widely

The wide range of vendors Allmodern sources from results in inconsistent quality levels. Items from established manufacturers like Rubbermaid, Serta, and Christopher Knight generally receive positive assessments as durable and well-made. However, furniture from lesser-known Asian import brands gets numerous complaints of flimsiness or defects. Even bestselling sofas receive mixed reviews, with satisfaction highly dependent on the individual unit received.

Additionally,Solid hardwood furniture is rarely found on Allmodern – most pieces contain particleboard, MDF, or other composite materials instead of premium wood. While fine for casual use, these less expensive materials may not stand up as well to heavy or longterm use in high-traffic areas. Customers need realistic expectations matching a product’s low price point rather than assuming high-end construction by default.

Returns Process Eases Quality Worries

On the upside, Allmodern makes returns and exchanges extremely convenient should any quality or fit issues arise. They provide prepaid return labels and refund purchases promptly upon receipt of returned goods. Furthermore, their 365-day return window is much more generous than industry standards. This lenient policy significantly offsets the risk of disappointing quality, as customers aren’t left stuck with problematic items beyond the trial period.

Overall, getting quality that matches or exceeds expectations depends on rolling the dice on individual items and brands. Savvy shoppers read reviews thoroughly and choose well-reviewed options from reputable brands when quality matters most in high-stress areas. But the risk-free returns provide ample room to experiment otherwise without long-term commitment if something doesn’t work out.

Hidden Shipping Fees Require Attention

Allmodern promises free shipping on orders over $49, which is quite a low and reasonable minimum spend threshold. However, certain products entail additional charges for bulkier items that exceed size limits or weight thresholds. Reviews consistently note being surprised by “oversize fees” on larger furniture orders. While these extra charges are disclosed on product pages, they aren’t always front and center.

Careful checking of estimated shipping quotes is prudent before clicking “buy” on sectionals, beds, or other large, heavy merchandise. An extra $50-150 in shipping fees could eat significantly into the savings from promotional Allmodern sale prices. Additionally, their standard ground shipping is not always the fastest – upgrades to expedited options also incur premium rates. Weighing total costs including potential shipping is wise for any large or time-sensitive purchase from Allmodern.

Verify Eligibility of Coupon Codes

Allmodern offers coupon codes year-round that further boost savings when combined with sales. However, many shoppers lament codes expiring or having exclusions preventing them from applying to desired items. Codes tend to work on a small subset of in-stock inventory rather than sitewide. Reading the fine print to confirm eligibility is crucial before making assumptions.

Some disappointed customers have posted that hoped-for stackable discounts and coupons were incompatible during checkout surprises. Allmodern could do a better job making such restrictions clearer directly on the coupon pages themselves rather than vaguely in the general terms and conditions. Shoppers would benefit from upfront transparency on what combinations are and aren’t possible to efficiently target the best stacking deals.

Customers also leave comments about promo codes abruptly stopping functioning a day or two before the advertised expiration date. While this practice aims to avoid further loss leader pricing, it unfortunately misleads shoppers who specifically timed purchases around code validity windows. Clearer communication of fluid expiration policies would alleviate frustrations here. All in all, extra diligence validating coupon eligibility remains important for optimal Allmodern savings.

Weigh Factory Seconds and Cosmetic Blemish Policies

Some enticing discounts stem from Allmodern’s sales of factory second goods or items with minor blemishes and flaws not affecting functionality. While these dinged-up products provide excellent deals, additional factors require weighing. Cosmetic damage policies may only cover refunds for 30 days, while normal returns windows are 365 days – something to note if resell value later matters.

Products marked as scratch-and-dent or containing blemishes also lack clarity around the degree or location of flaws. Reviews suggest imperfections range widely from barely noticeable nicks to finish issues covering large surface areas. Allmodern doesn’t provide inspection periods or free returns on such merchandise, putting purchasers at risk of being stuck with significantly flawed items.

Their catalogue doesn’t utilize standardized condition grades either (e.g. “like new”) leaving ambiguity. Overall, blemished finds provide attractive pricing but introduce greater uncertainty versus traditional new goods. Factoring in resale plans and acceptable cosmetic defect levels helps avoid disappointments or unusable purchases in this special section. Communication from Allmodern could be improved here to set appropriate expectations upfront.

Final Thoughts on Allmodern Sale Legitimacy

In summary, while Allmodern’s business model leverages constant discounting that may inflate some MSRPs, independent price tracking and numerous positive customer reviews demonstrate their sales consistently provide good value. Products from reputable brands undergo authentic price reductions versus standard pricing histories. It’s unwise to expect luxury construction at low sale prices, but quality usually meets or exceeds standards for the cost after factoring in the generous returns policy safeguards.

Savvy comparison shopping both between Allmodern and competitors as well as between different product options serves customers best. Reading reviews is crucial for quality expectations. Heeding eligibility details for coupons and sales, checking shipping estimates, and properly screening cosmetic blemish goods prevents unwanted surprises. Overall, Allmodern offers legitimate deals when approached armed with knowledge to avoid flawed purchases and fully take advantage of their savings programs. With diligence, shopping there provides worthwhile opportunities to affordably decorate homes.

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