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What is Africgold?

Africgold is a double reason stage comprised of auxiliaries that give a chance to use the AFGOLD Virtual mining method, which is expected for assessing mining income and just as a transformation of AFGOLD units to genuine word cash and money out as at when due, whenever you mine or earn through its affiliate marketing.

Africgold is known as a gold backed digital mining application designed to be a highly secure platform designed for future miners. Start mining and achieve the highest level of hashrate.

Basically, you will have to buy a membership PIN on Africgold to get started, before you register an account and begin mining. You can also make money on the platform as an affiliate marketer on the platform.


Africgoldm Registration & Activation

To start with, you need to purchase an actuation code from the dispatchers. You can contact any of them for your africgoldm for an actuation code. Whenever you have been giving the code get once again to the stage and pursue your record.

According to its website “Africgold is a dual purpose platform made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity to utilize AFGOLD Virtual mining technique, which is intended for evaluating mining revenue and as well as conversion of AFGOLD units to real world money and cash out as at when due.”

How does Africgold work?

The following is basic layout of how Africgold works?

Buy a membership plan

Contact one of the dispatch retailers to buy a membership PIN for any plan package you want to register with.

Create account

Create a user profile for yourself using the register option and get ready to start mining.

Start mining

Now you are ready to mine! Increase the mining power on the fly for all the coins using Africgold.

Get Mining Output

You will periodically receive mining output from your designated wallet.


Once you begin mining, you can a minimum of 4,500 (four thousand five hundred) naira daily. You can make money from mining or also earn through affiliate marketing.

Africgold withdrawal

Your earnings on Africgold would be credited to your account after attaining the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Africgold contact details

As found on the website, you can get in touch with Africgold via the following:

Address: Africgold Head office Lagos 125666 NG

Email address:

Phone number: +2348012345789

Africgold registration

To register on Africgold, you will need to visit the official website and locate pin dispatcher.

You will then see a list of people with their contact details that you can buy membership pin from. Once you verify the PIN, you will be able to register an account and begin mining.

Daily earning limits & Minimum rates

On Africgoldm your earnings depend largely on the rate of investment you made , which means you don’t procure anything under ₦4500 day by day relying upon your membership plan.

When was Africgoldm Created or Lunched

Africgoldm,com was made in the year 2021-Oct-11 which space name will terminate in the year 2022-09-11 which can be refreshed to more years.

Africgoldm Payment & Threshold

Its fully stated on the platform that you can pull out your income when you achieve africgold withdrawal edge.

Africgoldm Crash, Scam, Legit

Its very hard to predict when africoldm will possible crash or if its scam or legit, because its a new platform which was recently lunched with a vission to serve its investors for a longer period of time, nevertheless we do not have geniue or valid details as of when we wrote this post, so we employ you to drop us any valid information about Africgold using the comment section bellow if its scam or legit.



As an online business strategist and adviser we have been for years, I rate this business not legit. There are many reasons why this is so. Initially, some will be like they dropped a registration details on who h they were registered but I will also point it and tell you its fake. The registration shown was Africgold initially which was known as but because of the money people wants to get and forgetting the one they are going to lose, they rush into registration and lose money. If interested in questioning or challenging, kindly visit the contact us page or message me on whatsapp on 07036074565


  1. is a scam full time, they scam me of my hardearn money. Please don’t invest with them, you will be a victim too

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