Affiliate earnings

As we have all known, Holyprofweb also known as HPW with the tagline ”Home of exclusive gists and earnings” is a entertainment website in which also pays affiliate who follow their guidelines. Becoming an affiliate is a very simple thing. Its free. But you have to pay the price. If you are not contacted by the admin himself, then the fee is HARDWORKING. You have to prove to us that you are real member and you aren’t going to go astray by doing some activities for a week. Some can do it for a week or so. Activities include reading news, commenting and other things why your name will keep appearing in our notifications.

How do we pay members??

You get paid per post you published(once its approved), and doing other activities. Someone who have a group or page can send a post link inside it and earn. Just add (?ref=1).
Note: change 1 to your own personal ID. To read more, please click here.
You can use the method to earn #5000 which is the minimum cash out in some days if serious about it. Also, you earn by referring signup but by any means, referring of sign up earnings may be deducted later if the signed up user is considered as fake or not doing anything. You can ask questions directly to the admin by clicking here. Earning isn’t a small thing. If you can’t refer, post. If you can’t post, send links. Sending links to telegram groups, Facebook groups, pages, timeline and anywhere you know someone will be able to click the link and come to the site. Everything is automatic.

After following us and interested, you can just ask in any where especially Facebook group if you are eligible or not. Then, you will be told. But now that we are restarting, members are needed so, eligibility will be somehow easy.

To become an affiliate, chat us up using any of our social media.

Earnings for affiliate are done with different method. Make sure you have read the referral earning ways first. You earn with this method majorly by posts. This has nothing to do with referral earnings.

How do we count post earnings?

Apart from being and affiliate here, you can chat us if you have written at the backdoor for a site before or you want to learn. We count posts and pay members depending on the number of words, the uniqueness of the post, the seriousness of the members and so on. Number of words doesn’t matter in some posts(videos and music). You can just chat us up to know better. But all I can say is the higher the correction or edition we make, the lesser your earnings. Once you are able to write 5 posts without editions, all your posts will be automatically approved without being crosschecked.