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What is adcash

adcash reviews

How many years has adcash been operating

Who owns adcash

Is adcash legit?

Does adcash pays

Difference between adcash and adsterra

Difference between adcash and propeller ads

Difference between adcash and admaven

Is adcash allowed in Nigeria

What is adcash minimum payment?

Adcash review

Will adcash pay me if i start using their network?

Is adcash legit

Does adcash approve any site

Is adcash scam

How to contact adcash customer care number

How can I talk to adcash customer care

Where does adcash base at?

What are the withdrawals method allowed for adcash?

Difference between adcash and myadcash

All the subtopic written about adcash will all be covered in this post. The main thing is the fact that it may not be put on subtopic as it is written at top. One subtopic can talk about 3-5 subtopics in that same content. E.g, What is the subtopic which is the first subtopic we are dealing with also contains where adcash is located, the ceo of the platform and how many years it has been operating. Kindly seat down, read and enjoy.

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What is Adcash?

Adcash, taken from the word ‘ad’ and ‘cash’. Ad means a short form of advertisement while the last word which is cash is also a synonym for money. It is an advertising company base in Estonia particularly at Talinn. The company was founded obviously in 2007 (About 15 years as this post is written) and as been growing. Adcash is owned by the Webinfluence Group AS. They were being funded Naxicap Partners.

Is adcash legit?

You made a very bold step at first and a very intelligent step searching online before starting using the company but if you have your funds seized before checking this, im sorry to tell you it is gone! That means, ADCASH IS SCAM!!! I write review base on what i made enquiries of but now, it is so painful i got scammed before making enquiries. Searching online before starting anything is good though but the platform is too popular to be true. I will tell you my personal experience with adcash in the next subtopic.



Why did I tag adcash as scam?

Im holyprof by name though and as you have seen, im a full time blogger myself and also a content writer. This should be nothing less than my 5th year in blogging. Im a blogger with nothing less than 8 blogs with nothing less than 30 writers working with me. Interested in joining me, click here. Even with the one created or bought. I started using adcash by February. Although, i use different ads network on different blogs and unfortunately for me, adcash was part of it. I used adcash, adsterra, propeller, pop ads and goggle adsense. Also I use others like taboola and ezoic too but I don’t categorize it as the rest due to the fact that it is different format. As at now, after goggle adsense, i give the next to adsterra (removing ezoic and taboola out). Others may choose propeller ads but i don’t really like it due to some personal reasons. When i used adcash. I tried withdrawing my first 67 dollars with webmoney. Damn, adcash payment is soooo slow compare to others. Adsterra pays me 200$+ every 15 days. It was shocking to see me reaching 250$ on adcash even after the slow earnings (small cmp which makes them give small money out), i have to wait for 40 days to get paid of the last earnings. Damn, it was too long. On the 41st day, I contacted them for not receiving my payment and I was told that webmoney isnt functioning again and i should use another gateway. Minimum withd For usdt is about 300 dollars on adcash. But between the moment i was waiting for, i had more than 500 dollars in the account again. I tried withdrawing and my time was wasted again for the second time. Later they told me i should withdraw the first one placed. Lol. I have 500 dollars and was told to withdraw only the 67 dollars. I did and withdrawed it though through btc and i was paid. It was sooooo long. Like too long. I would have cashed out up to 10 times on another site before I receive the first one from adcash. Later on, 500$ grew to about 750 dollars. Initially, i planned withdrawing and stopping it due to the fact that the site can only be used by people who can be heartbroken easily because someone like me can faint on a minor issue and I dont want to die. Withdrawed my money with usdt and i waited again. (Their withdrawal can be done first week. Thats like on first. And u get paid next month). When I withdrawed, i was waiting to be paid on 10th. On 11th, i didn’t see anything again. What pained me pass was the fact that i planned this money to particularly settle my writers. I contacted them and they told me my account as been blocked. I tried to login truely and i saw this. It was so painful and i was sweating and almost having an heart attack. How will a company strip you off of 3 months stress, 3months!!!!614B0628 5CDA 47AD B21D 9B0AC07C77E8 840E503E E936 4A06 A59C DFAAE9AAF8F8

The above screenshot was what i was told. I went back to groups to tell people. Its so painful most of them make jest of me. I told my friends and many were like i just knew?? They have known for long. Things like that.298A099B 36FF 48C8 B27D 7BB05A9E4453

I really regretted not reading reviews but i take that as my mistake and take the loss as Gods plan. I thought its only big earnings they rip off. I don’t  know even bloggers earning like 30 dollars  monthly gets ripped. I wonder why the platform even gets popular after all the negative comments it was there i noticed that you wont see little bloggers like us faster on goggle but the one they paid have faster rankings. I will try my best to make this seen sha Especially to Nigerians!!!

Is adcash legit

     Not at all. I don’t really know much about other continents but im total sure of the blacks due to the fact of what i not only heard but i also experienced. Im writing this and telling you adcash is a scam ad company and not legit in any way. I dont really know about advertisers. But im damn sure of the publishers!


How do I connect with adcash?

There are many channels in which you can connect with them. Starting from their email,, they also reported having for offices in different countries such as Estonia:
Kentmanni 4, 10116


103 Aleksandar Stamboliyski Blvd. 1303 Sofia, Bulgaria.

You can also connect with them through social media such as searching them via “adcashglobal” on facebook, via linkedin, Instagram and twitter. Or their website 

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